Keep Your Eyes on the Road with Gap Guard!

What is Gap Guard?

Gap Guard prevents items from dropping between the seat and console of your vehicle. Gap Guard uses high quality foam wrapped in a premium suede fabric that securely fits and looks great in any vehicle.

Gap Guard's patented design fits the smallest of gaps and contours to any seat shape. Gap Guard installs in seconds and you'll start benefiting from it right away! No more losing keys, lipstick, change or cell phones down between the seats. You'll be more focused allowing you to keep your eyes on the road!

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Gap Guard
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Clearwater, FL 33758
P: 813-421-4241

Gap Guard Features

• Made in USA • Fire Retardant • Durable • Universal Fit • Customizable - Cut To Fit • Compresses to 1/8th inch • Slides with Seat Movement

Clean Professional Look

Gap Guard looks very clean and professional in any vehicle. After installing Gap Guard you'll think the vehicle came that way.

Verizon Indy Car Series

We're serious about Gap Guard and are a proud Sponsor of the Verizon Indy Car Series! Watch Stefan Wilson explain the benefits of Gap Guard.

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